By Matthew Mallory
With a new season coming up I was cruising through several company’s online catalogues while day-dreaming of pow when out of the blue a helmet catches my eye. This year Fly Racing introduced the Elite Cold Weather Interlace helmet and not only did the style and colours of the lid make me look twice but the MSRP stopped me. Here was a wicked looking helmet for $144.95 USD. It’s not often these days that you can get a piece of sled gear for so little.

The first impression when I opened up the box and lifted it was how light the Cold Weather Elite Interlace is. A full face, composite, DOT approved helmet that felt lighter than most other carbon offerings. Now light is right but in the end fit is everything and this thing did not disappoint. Fly Racing is becoming legendary for their comfortable but snug fit and the Cold Weather Elite Interlace lives up to that reputation. No hard spots, lots of room for the ears and nary a movement, this thing is snug.

Awesomely designed venting keeps the air flowing for those sweaty riding days but there is a bag of foam plugs included to help keep your melon warm on the cold days or the fast trail rides in and out of zones. While mentioning cold it’s important to note that the helmet comes with a breathbox for a little more warmth and is great for keeping that excited breathing from fogging up your goggle lens.

With a few helmets sitting around I have lots of choice and so far this sled season I’ve grabbed the Cold Weather Elite Interlace for every shred session. It’s lightweight keeps my neck from aching even after the longest days and the comfort level is well….next level. Having used several different goggles with different shapes and sizes the fit has been snug with every pair, no gaps or cracks to let wind or snow in. The polymer exterior shell seems to ward off lots of the small scratches from branches and other little dings that happen keeping the lid looking bright and fresh. The Elite Cold Weather Interlace helmet just flat out rocks. If you’re in the market check it out, an awesome helmet with an even better price tag. What more could you want?

Matthew testing out Fly Racing’s Elite Cold Weather Interlace helmet. Photo: Ryan Thorley

• ECE/DOT Approved

• Durable and lightweight polymer shell
• Dual density EPS liner
• Custom molded rubber trim with integrated nose guard helps keep rocks and debris away from your nose
• POV camera friendly visor
• 3 shells and 4 EPS sizes for a precise fit

• Comfort liner & cheek pads absorb sweat, while also providing plenty of
• Removable and washable interior

• Multi-port air induction cooling system includes 9 intake and 6 exhaust vents that create massive airflow to keep your head cool
• High-Flow ventilation system is designed to precisely align the comfort liner and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) to maximize airflow
• Hi-Flow Mouthpiece allows plenty of air flow and is replaceable

• Cold weather kit, includes a breath guard and plug kit
• Soft Fleece helmet bag

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